Gwyneth Paltrow ‘to renew vows’

Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly planning to reaffirm her commitment to husband Chris Martin in a ceremony in California later this year.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are secretly planning to renew their wedding vows, according to a new report.

The couple became man and wife in December 2003. Nearly a decade later they share two children, Apple and Moses, and are more in love than ever.

Apparently the stars are now telling friends about a special gathering on a ranch in Santa Barbara, California, to be held in December.

A source told America’s OK! magazine the event is being billed as a simple “tenth anniversary dinner” but the insider says “it’s going to turn into a wedding ceremony”.

The report follows on the heels of rumours Gwyneth and Chris were on the verge of divorce earlier this year.

Apparently it was just a rough patch and they’re now looking forward to renewing their lifelong commitment to one another.

“Chris and Gwyn have their ups and downs like other couples, but they are the real deal,” the source said.

Gwyneth opened up about her marriage in a candid interview in which she referred to Chris as a “mad scientist” in May.

She also admitted the couple have been through some tough times.

“We laugh, we’re good friends, we like to do the same stuff. I’m a very grounded, homey person and Chris is a very mad scientist, genius songwriter,” she told the UK edition of Glamour magazine.

“So I never say, ‘Where are you? You should be home by now.’ I never place demands on him because I think he’s a really talented man and he’s putting something good into the world.”

“It’s hard being married,” she added.

“You go through great times, you go through terrible times. We’re the same as any couple.”
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Saturday, 27. July 2013