Frank Ocean offers relationship advice

Frank Ocean think it’s important women are treated with respect in relationships.

Frank Ocean is offering relationship advice to fans on Twitter.

The 25-year-old Sweet Life singer’s romantic life has been tabloid fodder for months after he disclosed he was attracted to the same sex in a 2012 open letter.

The star is known to frequently post photos of quotations that have moved him on his Twitter account.

Frank on Friday shared an image with fans that addressed how people act in relationships.

The music producer wrote that the unattributed remarks summarised “perfectly” how two people who love each other should act.

“Your girlfriend should be one of the best things in your life,” the note reads.

“Don’t f**k her over, spend time with her, by her flowers and kiss her when she least expects it. When guys look at her, grab her waist and kiss her right in front of them, show them that she’s your girl. When other girls are flirting with you, tell them you have a girlfriend, and say it with pride,” it continues.

The note also urges partners not to force women into doing anything against their will.

Making a significant other feel uncomfortable is also a no-no.

“Be her hero, her inspiration, be the reason she wants to wake up in the morning. She’s your girlfriend, start treating her like she deserves to be treated,” it concludes.

Romance seemed to be at the forefront of Frank’s mind on Friday.

He posted another tweet minutes later about how what men do can resonate infinitely with the opposite sex.

“Guys have no idea how long something they’ve said can stay on a girl’s mind,” he mused.

Frank could have a lot of time for tweeting in the coming weeks.

The American singer announced this week he is pulling out of all appearances due to tearing his vocal cords.
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Friday, 26. July 2013