Nicki Minaj: Don’t steal my cardboard cutout

Nicki Minaj is the face of Myx Fusions adult beverages and she’s warning fans who might see her ad in stores not to steal it.

Nicki Minaj has warned fans not to steal life-sized photos of her in stores.

The Starships rapper is the face of Myx Fusions drinks, a company that makes blended moscato beverages for adults.

Nicki logged onto Instagram on Friday to share a photo from her latest campaign.

She said Myx bosses have approved the image to go into production as a life-sized cutout to appear in stores where the products are sold.

But the photo came with a strict order to those who might try to wobble out of retailers with Nicki’s likeness under their arms.

“So this is the image I chose for the LIFE SIZE cardboard cut out. It’ll be in Walgreens, liquor stores, etc. Barbz #GetChyoLife U can take pics with it but don’t try to steal it cuz we got surveillance fo dat a**!!!” Nicki mused.

“On sum #snitch s**t…yes I saw yall plottin. Da kid sees it ALL,” the star continued.

Nicki appears in the image wearing a canary yellow shirt and skin-tight skinny jeans paired with cobalt blue pumps that match the Myx bottle in her hand.

The rapper discussed the importance of endorsement deals in a video interview posted last month by blogger Necole B**chie.

“It has to make sense for my fans first of all because I’ve been approached to be a part of lots of liquor brands and I’ve turned every one down because it wasn’t believable and it didn’t make sense for Nicki Minaj,” she said.

The star insisted she has a discerning eye. She puts her true feelings about the products she might sponsor first, and says the money that rolls in is an afterthought.

“Even with my clothing line. I keep saying no, no, no, no, no because if it’s not something I’m going to wear, I’m not going to shove it down my fans throats because my fans know when I’m honest about something that I love,” Nicki explained.

“So it’s very important for me when I team up with anything that it’s true to me and my brand… the money and all that stuff is the icing on the cake.

“I like Myx and I hope you do too but if you don’t, more for me! Because I like it.”
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Friday, 26. July 2013