Justin Bieber ‘blessed’ by hockey team

Justin Bieber boasts about getting an autographed hockey stick from his favourite team.

Justin Bieber says he’s been “blessed" by the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.

The Canadian pop star posted a video on Instagram Friday in which he boasted about the honour.

The Baby hitmaker shows off a plaque and an autographed hockey stick – items that were presented to him in the first ceremony of its kind.

“So I just got blessed with this right here,” he says. “Every player from the Toronto Maple Leafs signed this stick—and they presented it to me! Justin Bieber!”

The Maple Leafs CEO, Tim Leiweke, also got a cameo.

“And we’ve never done this before. This is only – " he states before being cut off.

Justin previously posted videos on the video and picture-sharing application of himself wearing Leafs attire while joking around with friends Lil Za and Maejor Ali, according to E! News.

“So as you all know the Leafs, um, haven’t been doing great lately but this year they’re going to be spectacular,” Justin laughs.

“Ummm if we don’t get drafted its a problem lol jk (sic),” he captioned the clip.

Justin got into trouble with another hockey team earlier this month.

The 19-year-old was reportedly forced to apologise after he was caught trampling over a large crest printed on the Chicago Blackhawks’ locker room floor when he was taking snaps of the Stanley Cup inside the facility.

Apparently the incident broke a big superstition in the sports club.

Justin reportedly insisted he had no idea he was being disrespectful. In turn, team members aren’t holding any grudges.

“[Justin] did accidentally step on the logo but was immediately asked to step off and was extremely sorry as soon as he realised what he did," a spokesperson for the Blackhawks told TMZ.
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Friday, 26. July 2013