Amanda Bynes to remain under evaluation

Amanda Bynes will remain in psychiatric hospital for at least two more weeks, it has been ruled.

Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold has been extended by two weeks.

The troubled 27-year-old actress was placed under a 5150 hold on Monday night. The legislation is used to involuntarily detain people who are deemed a threat to themselves or others for psychiatric evaluation.

It was used on Amanda after she started a fire in a driveway and usually people are held for up to 72 hours.

Yesterday, a judge granted a motion for Amanda’s to be extended. TMZ reports she will now be in psychiatric hospital for two weeks, with the hearing taking place at the medical centre where she is being treated.

According to the website doctors argued they needed another 14 days in order to properly evaluate Amanda. Her attorney was also there and wanted the extension request to be thrown out.

Amanda’s parents Rick and Lynn Bynes are said to have been the driving force behind the call to keep Amanda in hospital.

They are expected to appear in court today to ask for a temporary conservatorship order, which would put them in charge of Amanda’s personal and professional affairs. It is the same legislation used by Britney Spears’ father following her meltdown, which also saw her placed under a 5150 hold.

It is suggested that one of the reasons Rick and Lynn were keen for Amanda to remain in hospital was in case their legal request is not granted later today.

The actress has been involved in a string of bizarre incidents over the last few months. She has slammed news outlets for using old photographs of her, undergone plastic surgery, called celebrities including Rihanna “ugly” on Twitter and been arrested for throwing a bong out of an apartment window in New York City.

She was detained on Monday after starting a fire with gasoline, with eyewitnesses claiming she set her trousers on fire, doused her dog in the flammable liquid and then ran to an alcohol shop to clean the pooch.

There have been fears for her mental state for some time, with reports Amanda has been talking to herself in an unintelligible language for weeks. Doctors are thought to be concerned she is displaying signs of schizophrenia.
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Friday, 26. July 2013