Sharon Osbourne goes ‘gangster’ on night out

Sharon Osbourne showed up her daughter Kelly by posing like Kanye West on a night out.

Sharon Osbourne embarrassed her daughter Kelly with her “gangster” impressions last night.

The 28-year-old Fashion Police presenter took to Twitter to share her mother’s cringe-worthy behaviour.

Through a series of video clips, Instagram snaps and messages, Kelly revealed what red-haired TV legend Sharon is really like after a few drinks.

“I’m sorry terriseymour my mum thinks she is #Gangster tonight!” Kelly tweeted.

“My mum has had 1 many drinks and she is getting down!!!!, (sic)”

As well as harassing British TV presenter Terri Seymour, Sharon showed Kelly up by posing like a rapper.

In Kelly’s video, Sharon slurs her words while acting like rapper Kanye West.

“Mum, what do people on the street need to do?” Kelly questioned Sharon.

Sharon answered: “Get down! I’m getting down with Kanye!”

“Mum, you are so embarrassing Oh please mum!" Kelly laughed.

Earlier that night Kelly tweeted her excitement about the West Hollywood night out. The star and her mother were at a dinner meeting with designer Rebecca Minkoff. Kelly shared how Sharon had already started to shame her quite early on in the night.

“Just had the best dinner ever!!!! with one of my favourite designers @rebeccaminkoff,” Kelly tweeted.

“#Dying my mother just asked the waiter if the halibut smelt like a nuns knickers because she is doing medical research! (sic)”

Kelly is a regular on social networking site Twitter. She is often open with her thoughts and opinions. Yesterday she joked about her inability to take pictures of herself.

“A lot of my work commitments have requested I take selfies & I cant do it I feel like such a t**t! any advice on how to take a good 1? (sic)” she asked her followers.

Earlier in the day Kelly also joked about her intelligence.

“I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but at least I’m blunt!” she exclaimed.

“Do not argue with an idiot. He/she will drag you down to his/her level and beat you with experience. (sic)”
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Thursday, 25. July 2013