Selena Gomez enjoyed birthday drinks

Selena Gomez treated herself to shots of whiskey when she turned 21 on Monday.

Selena Gomez can’t remember how many shots of whiskey she had to celebrate her birthday.

The former Disney star turned 21 on July 22 and celebrated with some of her friends. The birthday is a landmark in America as it marks the legal age for drinking alcohol, which Selena took full advantage of.

She appeared on Jay Leno’s talk show yesterday and explained her first drink was a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey.

“And how many of those did you have?” the host queried.

“I don’t remember,” Selena giggled, while pulling a face.

The young star admitted feeling a little worse for wear following the festivities, which are due to continue this weekend. She has special plans for a bash and is looking forward to dressing up to make the occasion.

“I’ll have a birthday party this weekend but I had a dinner with my friends, the party’s going to be kind of a gypsy theme, I’m excited,” she explained.

“We’re gonna have skirts and tattoos and belly dancers. It’ll be kind of the whole thing, it’ll be fun.”

Selena documented Monday’s festivities on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, posting many pictures of her partying with friends.

One shot showed a giant cake her friends had given her, which was fashioned to look like her favourite savoury snack.

“I love fast food a lot and Jack In The Box tacos are my absolute favourite,” she explained. “My friends made me a birthday cake of Jack In The Box tacos with 21 on it!”

The star began celebrating over the weekend when she and friends visited Beacher’s Madhouse, a nightclub in Hollywood which is a favourite among stars including her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. The group were treated to a display by a performer called Busty Heart, who is renowned for crushing beer cans with her large breasts.

Earlier this week Selena spoke of her excitement that Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their first son into the world on her birthday and joked they should have joint parties from now on.
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Wednesday, 24. July 2013