Conrad Murray 'warns of nuclear Jackson secret'

Dr Conrad Murray has reportedly threatened to reveal a "nuclear" secret if he is forced to testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit.

Dr Conrad Murray has issued a “nuclear warning” in a bid to avoid testifying in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit.

The physician is currently serving a four-year jail sentence after being convicted of Michael’s involuntary manslaughter in November 2011. Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson is suing concert promoters AEG Live for negligence in the hiring and supervision of Murray, who worked with the late star as he prepared for his ill-fated comeback concert series.

Michael died in 2009 after Murray administered anaesthetic Propofol to help the singer sleep.

There has been speculation that Murray could testify in the legal case, but he is reluctant to do so. According to TMZ, the physician can be heard in a voicemail message left for a friend urging AEG and the Jackson family not to call him to court.

“I have now drawn the line. Please stop. If you don’t, let this serve as my final warning to both sides. Don’t incite me to testify. Consider this as an imminent nuclear warning. Enough is enough,” says the man believed to be Murray.

He also hints about the subject of his “nuclear” secret, which he has apparently kept under wraps for some years.

TMZ alleges this is the second time Murray has made this type of threat relating to Michael and “the singer’s true relationship with his family”.

“Enough is enough. I have no further tolerance for lies. If this persists, none of you will have to guess who is coming to dinner – and that’s at the courthouse. It’s time to speak the truth and be honest,” he apparently warns in the voicemail.

Murray was subpoenaed to testify in the $40 billion lawsuit, but he refused on the grounds that he doesn’t want to hamper his appeal to overturn his manslaughter conviction.

Earlier this year, it was claimed Murray was hoping to be released soon due to overcrowding in Los Angeles prisons.
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Wednesday, 24. July 2013