Amanda Bynes ignited ‘makeshift explosive’

Amanda Bynes almost set fire to a gas tank according to 911 callers.

Amanda Bynes’ residential fire was more like a “gas bomb”, according to neighbours.

The troubled former child star was taken into custody after starting a small fire in someone’s driveway in Thousand Oaks, California Monday night.

The blaze appears to be more dangerous than initially reported, as there was apparently gasoline involved.

In 911 phone calls placed about the incident obtained by TMZ, residents reveal to emergency operators that Amanda “put a small piece of cloth on a gasoline tank”. One man felt compelled to alert authorities immediately because he was so concerned about the potential inferno that could have been generated by this makeshift explosive. Although he described the fire as “very small”, apparently the flames were “decently close” to the house, burning just 5ft away from the edifice.

Amanda was questioned by attending officers about her behaviour and based on her replies she was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold.

The 5150 legislation is used to force people into hospital to have their mental state evaluated for up to 72 hours. It is the same law which was used when Britney Spears had her public meltdown.

It is rumoured Amanda’s parents, Lynn and Rick, are seeking conservatorship over the actress. According to Radar Online they are “sick with worry” and can no longer stand by and watch their daughter deteriorate.

The fire took place just one day after it is claimed Amanda trespassed at a retirement home on Sunday.

It is thought she was ticketed for the violation.

She now faces numerous charges in the states of California and New York stemming from a host of bizarre alleged criminal behaviour.
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Tuesday, 23. July 2013