Kevin Richardson on fan frustrations

Backstreet Boys' Kevin Richardson has recalled some of the craziest things fans have done.

Kevin Richardson says it can be “frustrating” when fans throw things on stage.

The founding member of the Backstreet Boys makes up the band with A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter and Brian Littrell.

In April the band celebrated their 20th anniversary and in August they will embark on the North America leg of their In a World Like This Tour.

Over the years, the boys have had some strange experiences.

“We were in the Swiss Alps performing and we were on an early promo tour – it was either Switzerland or Austria – and some guys were in the back heckling us and throwing snowballs and one of them hit A.J. in the mouth and it had a rock in it and busted his lip,” he recalled to Dazed Digital.

“We had tons of bras and panties thrown on stage and stuffed animals and it’s frustrating sometimes; we’ve slipped and fell because of the bras and the panties and the stuffed animals on stage because back in the day we used to do some crazy dance routines, some pretty crazy stuff.

“And there was one time Brian was singing, and he had his eyes closed and he heard all this screaming and commotion and thought, ‘Wow, the crowd are really getting into my performance,’ and he opened his eyes and there was a girl standing right in front of them and she had got up onstage and was right in his face and she just grabbed him and would not let go. That was an interesting story…”

Kevin and his bandmates found international fame with their first, self-titled album in 1996.

While it could be easy to forget life before stardom, the singer will always remember their first concert at SeaWorld theme park.

“My cousin Brian had just come down from Kentucky to Florida, and we had a gig booked to do Grad Night for Junior High students going from Junior High to High School and we were booked to perform in front of about 2,500 students,” he said.

“We had a nice set worked up of mostly cover tunes from some of our favourite artists, and we had a couple of originals that we performed. But we were unsigned and it was our first performance in front of a really large crowd. It was amazing, the response that we got.”
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Tuesday, 23. July 2013