Lindsay Lohan 'banned from seeing mom'

Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina has allegedly been “banned” from having a role in the actress’ recovery in rehab.

Lindsay Lohan’s mother has reportedly been “banned” from taking part in the star’s treatment.

The troubled actress is currently serving her court-ordered 90-day stint at the Cliffside rehab facility in Malibu. According to TMZ, the centre phoned Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan, shortly before the actress’ birthday on July 2. It was apparently hoped that mother and daughter could have a chat, to give Lindsay a boost as she was unable to see loved ones on her special day. However, things seemingly didn’t go to plan.

“We’re told the person from the clinic who spoke to Dina believed she was hammered, and quickly nixed the idea of letting her speaking to Lindsay,” reports the website.

It has been alleged that staff at the facility have now decided it might be better if Dina is not involved in Lindsay’s recovery.

“She been banned from participating in her rehab treatment after a drunken phone call a few weeks ago,” adds TMZ. “Furthermore, we’re told the rehab team felt it would be best for LiLo’s treatment if she stopped talking to Dina altogether for the rest of her stay.”

In May, it was reported that Lindsay’s family might be asked to attend group therapy sessions at the star’s previous rehab centre, Betty Ford.

The 27-year-old’s father, Michael Lohan, insisted he would be happy to go to counselling with his ex-wife Dina if it helped Lindsay “heal”.

Michael and Dina have been feuding since they split in 2005, with Dina accusing her former spouse of failing to pay child support for their four children.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Lindsay has been advised not to live with her mother once she leaves rehab next month.

A source told Radar Online that her counsellors are advising against it due to fears that Dina could be a bad influence.

“[They] have been known to go out clubbing and drinking together,” a source said. “Lindsay doesn’t need a friend in her parents; she needs Dina to act as her mother.

“She has been told that living under the same roof as Dina could jeopardise her sobriety.”

Lindsay is fulfilling her plea deal in connection to a 2012 car crash, in which she was charged with reckless driving and lying to police.
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Monday, 22. July 2013