Hugh Jackman: I'm a bad driver

Hugh Jackman's friends are reluctant to get in a car with him as he's such a bad driver.

Hugh Jackman’s first car was called “the golfball” because of all the dents in it.

The hunky actor is currently in the UK promoting his new film Wolverine, in which he plays the lead superhero character.

As part of his promotional appearances, Hugh was interviewed for UK TV show Top Gear. On each episode a celebrity guest races around a course in a segment called ‘Star In A Reasonably Priced Car’.

The 44-year-old followed in the tracks of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz to take on the test, but admitted his driving skills aren’t that great.

“No one I grew up with ever gets in the car with me because I had so many accidents as a kid. In fact, my first car was called the golfball as it had so many dings in it,” Hugh told BBC Radio 1.

“[On Top Gear] I didn’t realise that air conditioning slows down your car. It was like 37 degrees inside. The guy was like, ‘Either you’re really bad, or you’ve got the air con on.’ I turned the air con off and did another lap and I did way better.”

The Australian actor has English-born parents. He’s enjoying the warm weather while in the UK, as it reminds him of home. He joked about how excited the British people get when the sun comes out.

“It’s an unbelievable time to be here. It’s like being in Australia. I’m a sports man; I love Formula One. England has become the epicentre of sport. I have been coming here since I was 12 or 13 years old and I’ve been hearing that the summer of 1976 was the best one, well, I’ve been hearing that since I was seven years old. But now it’s all about the summer of 2013,” he joked. “I love it in England; as soon as it hits 16 degrees it’s: shorts on, shirts off let’s grab a beer in the street.”
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Friday, 19. July 2013