Carey Hart: I aggravate Pink

Carey Hart has joked he's the one to instigate making up after arguments with wife Pink, as he normally starts them.

Carey Hart “usually starts” his rows with wife Pink.

The former motocross star married the international songstress in 2006 and they have daughter Willow together.

Carey was asked a series of questions during an interview on the Australian Kyle and Jackie O radio show to determine “who wears the trousers” in the relationship.

When asked who prompts making up after a row, Carey laughed: “Me, as I’m usually the one who starts it!”

Carey then went on to reveal that the relationship is pretty equal as far as their roles are concerned. The 38-year-old star added that while Pink unloads the dishwasher, he kills spiders around the house, and drives the car when they’re both in it as he is a “control freak”.

Carey and the singer share duties such as taking daughter Willow to do a “number two” as well as splitting the dinner bill.

Carey and Willow appear in Pink’s video for her new song True Love. The tattooed star was initially uncomfortable about his onscreen role, but soon put his reservations to one side.

“We support each other both ways,” he laughed when asked what he thought when Pink mentioned he be in her video.

“I feel awkward being in front of a camera without a helmet on, but it’s part of the game.”

Carey loves that their family stay as a unit despite their busy schedules.

“Willow sleeps in our bed with us and we love it. We’re on the road fulltime this year. We both have careers so it gets a little tricky, but if anything, I’m a little bit more flexible because I can call my shots. When she goes out on tour, she’s on tour. There’s no taking breaks,” he explained.

“Technically I’m retired now. I don’t compete any more. I still have endorsement deals and I own my own supercross and motocross team back in the States. For me it’s not a necessity, it’s a passion. If you’re a professional surfer and you stop competing you’re not going to not surf again. It’s a past time. I’ll be the same way.”

Carey is famed for his super tattooed body. He doesn’t have any plans to stop his inking as yet though.

“The only spot left is I’m finishing up a leg sleeve right now, and then my head, and that’s it,” he said. "I’m doing the head for sure. Not my face, but my head.

“I’m actually going to start removing some of my tattoos, not because they’re not good, but it was more just bad planning. Now the technology is pretty good, so you can get them lasered off. I’m going to start with my right sleeve. It doesn’t feel good, but it’s all part of it!”

Carey was born and bred in Las Vegas. The star thrived in Sin City, but is well aware others don’t.

“For me it was really good, as I was surrounded by desert and you need a lot of open space to ride motorcycles. It was really good, but the thing about Vegas is it can either be really good or really bad. I was an active kid, snowboarding, riding BMX, so it was good for me. But if you’re the other side, where you have an addictive personality and you like to gamble, it’s definitely not a good place,” he said.

“Hey, if you’ve got endless money and great health, I guess it’s a good place to be!”
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Friday, 19. July 2013