MTV Push: Icona Pop

Swedish DJ-duo Icona Pop is Augusts MTV PUSH!

Caroline Hjelt and Jawo are the members in the DJ-duo Icona Pop . They met at a party in 2009, and four weeks later they had written their first song over a bottle of wine. They got their breakthrough during 2011 with the song “Mind Your Manners”, which was published by the hip-hop combo Chiddy Bang. Two EP’s followed, “Nights Like This” and “Iconic”, with the double platinum hit single I Love It on it.

Together they’ve climbed to the top of the charts, been in racing games, commercials and American series. The future looks bright for these lovely ladies and our spotlights are shining on Icona Pop":music_artist:12649 throughout August.

Monday, 26. August 2013