Miley Cyrus: I idolise Grace Jones

Miley Cyrus idolises singer-and-actress Grace Jones for not feeling guilty when she is late.

Miley Cyrus says singer-and-actress Grace Jones is her role model.

The 20-year-old Can’t Be Tamed singer isn’t good at timekeeping and is often late for important meetings.

Miley admires the 65-year-old star for not caring when she fails to arrive for things as scheduled.

“I’m always late. Even today I was rushing, putting different sunglasses in my bag, trying to decide on the colour of my nails and which ring to wear. I’m not too bad usually; I just have so much going on. I watched this interview with Grace Jones the other day and she says, ‘I have no concept of time’. So now she’s my role model and I have adopted that motto,” Miley told BBC Radio 1. “Grace is the best. She showed up on David Letterman wearing a crazy mask once and he was like, ’It’s like talking to a lamppost,’ but she just said, ‘I didn’t have time to put any make-up on,’ hence the mask, and I understand that.”

The singer was linked to Justin Bieber, 19, recently, after the pair were spotted at a number of venues together.

Miley joked that she doesn’t find the teen heartthrob attractive, especially when he removes his top in public places.

“[It’s like] Bieber, don’t do that. Bieber, you’re going to end up behind bars. Bieber, don’t do that sexy face. I can’t walk through LAX with no top on. I love that he does that,” she laughed. “The only thing you can do is take your shoes off going through security in an airport.”

When asked about Justin getting cold without a top on she joked: “You know what – beauty is pain. All the 12-year-old girls, they are paying for that. Let them see his personal trainer’s work.”
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Thursday, 18. July 2013