Cory Monteith’s Glee ‘definitely not cancelled’

Executives behind Cory Monteith’s show Glee have held an emergency meeting in the wake of the actor’s sudden death.

Cory Monteith’s TV show Glee will go on despite his shocking death.

The actor was found dead at the age of 31 in his Vancouver, Canada hotel room on Saturday July 13.

Since 2009 he played the popular role of Finn Hudson on small screen comedy Glee opposite his real-life girlfriend Lea Michele.

Executives behind Glee are quickly taking action to fill in the void that is left with Cory’s absence and an emergency meeting was held on Wednesday.

“The producers and writers are taking time to meet and figure out how to best address this situation in the context of Glee,” a source told TMZ.

“No decision has been reached about a script yet, as it’s still early.

“Glee is definitely not cancelled. If you look at the dollars and cents of the show and that it was very much an ensemble with new kids being added last year when some graduated. It’s clear that the show wasn’t about one character."

Cory died of a heroin and alcohol overdose, authorities have confirmed.

It was rumoured he may have perished from new dope on Vancouver streets referred to as ‘deadly’ heroin.

The coroner who conducted Cory’s autopsy told TMZ “no fentanyl was found” in his system at the time of death, which is the lethal ingredient in the city’s ‘deadly’ heroin strain. Apparently experts surmise the star passed away because he took a large dose of the drug after being clean for several months. His body simply “couldn’t handle the shock” of the amount of heroin administered.

Battling addiction throughout his life, Cory sought treatment again in March and April this year.

Cory’s family reportedly held a private viewing in Vancouver on Tuesday with relatives including his mother, Ann, his brother, Shaun, and girlfriend, Lea. The actor was cremated.
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Wednesday, 17. July 2013