Justin Bieber gets tattoo of ‘mom’s eye’

Justin Bieber has paid tribute to his mother with a large tattoo of an eye on his forearm.

Justin Bieber has inked a tattoo of his mother’s eye on his forearm.

The 19-year-old pop star showed off his latest skin art in an Instagram photo posted Wednesday.

He revealed the black and white design is a tribute to Pattie Mallette.

Justin thanked celebrity tattoo artist Keith McCurdy, also known as Bang Bang, for inking it.

“@bangbangnyc did this art,” Justin wrote. “Moms always watching ;)”.

The eye sits just above Justin’s famous “BELIEVE” tattoo.

The artwork is believed to mark Justin’s eighth tattoo on his left arm.

He also has a tiger head, an “X”, a koi fish, an owl, a knight and a female angel.

The star has a crown and a series of roman numerals on his chest as well as a portrait of Jesus on his leg.

Justin has been fending off criticism for a myriad of reasons in recent months, while his mother has spoken in support of her son.

A video emerged last week of the star urinating into a mop bucket in a club kitchen.

He’s since been accused of spitting in a DJ’s face at a nightclub and has hit headlines for reportedly speeding around Los Angeles in his Ferrari and allegedly assaulting a neighbour.

Pattie is convinced many of those reports are blown out of proportion. She’s also impressed by how Justin deals with bad press.

“There’s always things that are made up. People like to sensationalise things. He handles that side of things pretty well; he tries not to let that kind of thing bother him,” she told Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

Pattie also makes sure to stay in touch with Justin when he’s on the road.

She said she has no problem calling him if she sees something she doesn’t like so they can discuss it.

She’s certain Justin will rise above the controversy.

“I think that whatever he’s going through, whether in the public eye or not, he’s always had to do things his own way and no matter what way he has to get there, he’s gonna come out on top,” Pattie said.
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Wednesday, 17. July 2013