Daniel Radcliffe: I'm not threatening

Daniel Radcliffe says that trying to "intimidate" over-zealous fans never really works for him.

Daniel Radcliffe has joked even when he’s trying to “intimidate” fans he gets a “wave” in return.

The Harry Potter star is currently performing in theatre play The Cripple of Inishmaan in London.

Despite loving the thrill stage shows bring, Daniel admits that fans in the audience can be a little off-putting at times.

“About a week ago there was this boy in the front row and he was taking pictures for the first three scenes and I was getting increasingly annoyed,” he explained in an interview with BBC Radio 1.

“At one point I thought, ’I’ll sneak him a look,’ and I looked over with my most intimidating look and he just waved at me!”

Fellow actor and stage performer Dame Helen Mirren made headlines earlier this year after she left London’s Gielgud Theatre to confront a group of drummers whose noise was disturbing her play.

Daniel says he could never get away with such assertiveness.

“There are certain things you can do when you’re Helen Mirren and that’s one of them. I’m not Helen Mirren,” he laughed.

Daniel has a love of theatre and has starred in the London and New York productions of the play Equus and the 2011 Broadway revival of musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

The 23-year-old star says stage shows are an “exercise in stamina” but he still loves the excitement he gets before stepping out in front of an audience.

“It is terrifying but that’s great. There are a lot of actors who don’t ever do theatre, and I think it’s a hard thing to do if you don’t do it young,” he explained.

“[Nerves] are very healthy.”

Daniel repeats his first line “over and over again” before hitting the stage for the first time. The star has laughed off a rather embarrassing show date when he was performing in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

“I’m pretty good, I don’t forget too many things. When I was doing a show in New York I forgot to start singing. It was a rookie error. The band are live and can’t hold for you so I was sort of standing there doing nothing. The first word was rosemary and I went, ‘’Smary!’” he giggled.

When asked if checking Twitter during a play was “bad” Daniel quipped: “If it was mid-scene it might be, yeah”.

However, the star insists he doesn’t use the social networking site himself.

“I don’t have a twitter [profile]. I’m a twitter spy though. Seth MacFarlane is always worth a look,” he said.
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Wednesday, 17. July 2013