Amanda Bynes 'better rapper than Drake'

Amanda Bynes is reportedly more talented than Drake, says a music producer.

Amanda Bynes has the “ability” to make better music than Drake.

The troubled actress made a statement in May that she would be pursuing a career as a rapper.

Amanda has since been offered a record deal by Chinga Chang Records to make her first album.

The company’s producer, Daniel Herman, told that their original offer of $150,000 was rejected by Amanda.

He says the label are so determined to sign her up, they have now increased their offer to $200,000.

Daniel believes the 27-year-old is not only capable of making music, but has the potential to overtake the success seen by already-established artist Drake.

“I would have to be an idiot to not do everything in my power to create a classic album with her. It’s not about being more gangster than Drake, it’s about representing the culture and having the ability to make better music than him,” Daniel told the website.

“She’s got that. I just want her to let me have the opportunity to prove it to the world.”

The original discussions with Amanda and Chinga Chang Records dissolved after disagreements over the vision for the record.

In a letter sent to Amanda’s attorney, Daniel apologises for “making the artist feel uncomfortable.”

A 50/50 split of the profits is now being promised to Amanda, along with "complete creative control of all aspects” of the album.

“I’m not from Hollywood, just a normal dude from Philly. My impulsiveness to pressure her to sit down with Wyclef Jean was a mistake, and I truly hope Amanda will forgive me for that,” Daniel continued.

“Meeting with Wyclef and discussing Amanda’s album was like a dream come true but upsetting Amanda crushed me. I let my immaturity get the best of me and I apologize to Amanda.”

Amanda bailed on the scheduled meeting with Wyclef to discuss her first single last month.

She has reportedly stated her interest in collaborating with rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

“He’s fair game,” Daniel added about the collaboration.

Meanwhile Amanda has reportedly ordered a set of custom-made teeth from jeweller Ben Baller.

TMZ reports Amanda approached Ben, asking for a grill to be made that resembles Miley Cyrus’ rose gold and pink diamond encrusted set.

“It’s official. Came to NYC to make Amanda Bynes a $10,000 rose gold and pink diamond grill! Stay tuned. She’s a lot prettier in person," Ben added to his Instagram account.
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Tuesday, 16. July 2013