Vanessa Hudgens: Caffeine makes me squirm

Vanessa Hudgens turns to hot drinks when she needs an energy boost.

Vanessa Hudgens drinks so much caffeine she is left “wriggling”.

The actress is currently promoting her new movie The Frozen Ground in the UK. She has a busy schedule while in the capital city and also wants some fun time, so has come up with ways to boost her energy levels.

“I had my breakfast and got ready then I came here,” Vanessa told BBC Radio 1 this morning. “Yeah it’s early but that’s what caffeine is for. I had two cups of English breakfast tea and a green tea on the way here. I was wriggling in the car! I have way too much energy. [Yesterday] I saw the London Eye. I didn’t go on it as I don’t like lines. There was a very long line. If you call relaxing productive, then I had a very productive day.”

Vanessa may have struggled to wake up for the radio show, but she would spring out of bed to meet her idol. The American star also shared what she likes to do when she’s not working.

“I’d wake up early for Andy Warhol,” she confessed. “Have you seen [one of my favourite movies] Labyrinth with David Bowie? It’s so amazing. It’s good, you have to see it! I do love a festival, yes I was at Coachella this year and next year I’ll be at Glastonbury. I’ll wear a headdress, it’ll be perfect.”

Vanessa stars alongside Nicolas Cage and John Cusack in The Frozen Ground. The former High School Musical actress plays a young woman trying to escape the clutches of a serial killer in Alaska. She admitted the part is very different to her role in the singing teen movie.

“The first time I saw it I did have some moments where I was like, ‘Why are you making those faces Vanessa?’ It’s quite gritty and there are some pretty scary moments. My character is based on a real person. We shot at some real places where events took place in. It’s quite heavy there’s an energy that resonates,” she explained. “Nicholas Cage is amazing.”
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Tuesday, 16. July 2013