Victoria Beckham 'happy in control'

Victoria Beckham feels more in control of her life than she has for a long time.

Victoria Beckham feels she is “back in the driving seat” when it comes to family life.

The fashion designer, her husband David and their four children relocated back to the UK from America last year following the end of David’s tenure with soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy. He completed a brief stint with Paris Saint-Germain before announcing his retirement from the sport.

Although Victoria was initially said to be concerned about moving from Los Angeles, she now loves her new life.

“Vic feels like she’s back in control. When David was still playing football she never really knew what would happen next or where they might be moving to. Now she’s back in the driving seat and they can make decisions for the whole family. They’ll spend time in LA for the summer as they still have the house there, but they’re really falling back in love with the UK,” an insider told the British edition of Heat magazine.

Earlier this month the two stars attended their eight-year-old son Cruz’s sports day at school. David and Victoria both joined in the parents’ races, much to the amazement of the other moms and dads.

Victoria apparently had a great time and it made her realise how much she loves her native country.

“She loves being part of days like that and having David there and them being a ‘normal’ family. She’s really happy at the moment and you can see it,” the insider explained. “She’s got everything she’s wanted. Her life has been on hold while David’s career worked itself out and now she can make plans and push her fashion label to the next level. The decision to come back to the UK was hard for her, but she knows that’s what David wants and also where he is probably happiest. David is back by her side and not trekking all over the world and that’s made a big difference.”
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Sunday, 14. July 2013