Keira Knightley 'in baby dilemma’

Keira Knightley reportedly wants to start a family badly but can’t do that due to career obligations.

Keira Knightley reportedly can’t start having children due to hefty career obligations.

The 28-year-old British actress married The Klaxons musician James Righton just months ago.

The newlyweds are said to be eager to start a family, but apparently Keira simply has too much on her plate professionally to get pregnant anytime soon.

Keira starred as Elizabeth Swann in some of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and apparently the studio wants her back for an upcoming film.

Although the star loves her work, it is said that she is experiencing personal conflict about taking on the job.

“They have asked Keira to reprise her role as Elizabeth Swann,” a source told Star magazine.

“Right now, all she and James want to do is start a family, but she also has a huge loyalty to the film franchise.”

Keira’s husband James is said to be encouraging her to do what feels right.

Apparently the rock star wants his wife to be happy and is willing to wait to have kids until she is ready to become a mother.

“It’s a dilemma, but James will support her no matter what she decides,” the insider said.

Keira married James in an intimate ceremony in the South of France on May 4.

Following the low-key nuptials in the small village of Mazan, the newlyweds jetted off to the Mediterranean island of Corsica where they were pictured enjoying boat rides and swimming in the sea.
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Sunday, 14. July 2013