Rihanna: Everywhere inspires me

Rihanna takes inspiration for her various projects from her different experiences around the globe.

Rihanna draws “inspiration from everywhere” in her career.

The singer is very involved with decisions when it comes to her stage shows and attaching her name to various brands.

She looks to plenty of things around her in order to come up with great ideas for her projects.

“As an artist, I draw inspiration from everywhere,” Rihanna explained to Entertainment Tonight. "From everything around me, different cultures, different textures, different visuals, looking at different buildings, different cities, graffiti on the wall. No matter what it is, there’s inspiration in everything.

The sky is the limit for the 25-year-old pop star and she has branched out to acting and designing since releasing her debut single Pon de Replay in 2005.

Now she is collaborating with beer brand Budweiser as part of their advertising campaign which showcases influential stars.

“You can create with anything you see, you can use that to inspire something you want to make. It’s really exciting," she commented.

The performer believes that everyone should devote their lives to their work.

Rihanna advises her fans to maintain excitement and interest in their work and life pursuits.

“Whatever you really love, whatever makes you happy, whatever it is that you’re truly passionate about – you would automatically put 100 per cent into that and it would never feel like work or a chore,” she added. “It would actually be something that’s enjoyable. It becomes a career, it becomes an art, whatever it is that you do.”

Sources recently denied Rihanna was booted out of a Kings of Leon concert in Poland Wednesday.

She sparked rumours she had to be escorted out of the Heineken Open’er Festival in Gdynia after causing a scene.

However an insider said the star was merely “having fun”.

“She definitely did not get kicked out,” the source told Us Weekly.
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Friday, 12. July 2013