Hugh Jackman: I'm going to chicken hell

Hugh Jackman is worried that his protein-heavy diet for The Wolverine will land him in trouble one day.

Hugh Jackman fears he will end up in “some kind of chicken hell”.

The actor had to bulk up to play the title role in upcoming movie The Wolverine. In order to convince as a superhero, Hugh consumed thousands of calories a day and trained for hours.

He is now concerned that his protein-heavy diet may land him in trouble one day.

“It’s chicken breast and vegetables,” he told Access Hollywood. “Six thousand calories a day could be a pizza and a nachos, but unfortunately it’s a lot of chicken and fish. I’m going to some kind of chicken hell at the end of this. I’ve literally murdered nations of chickens. Yes, I’m not the poster boy for the vegan movement, but it’s that and training hard and time.”

Hugh turned to Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, for advice on how to pack on muscle. The professional wrestler-turned-actor was happy to drop everything to assist his fellow Hollywood star.

In fact, Dwayne was so intent on helping out Hugh he even once held up shooting on a film set.

“One of the coolest moments when I was speaking to him – he was on a movie at the time – and in the background someone knocked on his trailer door and he goes, ‘Hang on a second!’ He opens it up, he goes, ‘I’m talking to Wolverine, you tell them on set they can wait,’” Hugh recalled.

The 44-year-old Australian star knew Dwayne would be the right person to ask for advice as he is famed for his honed physique. At the time Hugh was busy with back to back projects – he had to build up his body for The Wolverine and drop a lot of weight for Les Misérables.

“I called him actually before I did Les Mis because I was like, ‘Man, I have a feeling this is going on. I have to cut down and really lean down in size,’ and he told me a number of things,” he smiled.
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Friday, 12. July 2013