Kelly Osbourne: I didn't slam Swift

Kelly Osbourne thinks it's "despicable" she's been accused of calling Taylor Swift "fake".

Kelly Osbourne insists she has “nothing but respect” for Taylor Swift.

Earlier this week it was reported the Fashion Police star had made some scathing remarks about country singer Taylor.

Star magazine claimed Kelly had slammed the 23-year-old, saying: “I cannot stand Taylor! She only dates people for press and is so hungry for attention.”

The allegations seem to have got under Kelly’s skin.

“I would not even wipe my ass with the tabloid that printed that story let alone give them an interview!” she fumed on Twitter.

“I have nothing but respect and love for Taylor Swift! It must be a slow news week! I shall be reaching out to her personally to amend this!

“I find it despicable that I have been accused of saying mean things about Taylor Swift that I did not say! stop making up lies #Tabloids (sic).”

Back in 2011, Kelly gave an interview where she mocked Taylor for her “fake” humility on stage.

She can be seen on a video clip for E!, telling the singer to “get over” her many adoring fans.

However, she is adamant she hasn’t hit out at the blonde star this time around.

“I may be many things but Im not a liar & I’m so sick of tabloids accusing me of things I did not say! It’s hurtful to all parties involved! (sic)” she wrote yesterday.

So far, Taylor hasn’t responded on Twitter.
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Thursday, 11. July 2013