Justin Bieber ‘apologises to sports team’

Justin Bieber apparently showed his regrets for stomping on a Chicago Blackhawks hockey team logo inside their locker room.

Justin Bieber has reportedly apologised to a US ice hockey team after stomping on their logo.

The Canadian pop star was caught trampling over a large crest printed on the Chicago Blackhawks’ locker room floor Tuesday when he was taking snaps of the Stanley Cup inside the facility.

The 19-year-old seemed to have no regard for team member’s customs as he stood in the middle of the Native American head stamp printed on the carpet.

Apparently the incident broke a big superstition in the sports club.

Justin reportedly insisted he had no idea he was being disrespectful. In turn, team members aren’t holding any grudges.

“[Justin] did accidentally step on the logo but was immediately asked to step off and was extremely sorry as soon as he realised what he did," a spokesperson for the Blackhawks told TMZ.

Justin was in Chicago to play a gig later Tuesday evening.

He tweeted about how buzzed he was after the concert took place.

“Chicago always does it right! One of the best shows of the tour,” he posted. “I couldn’t stop smiling! Thank you beliebers. I love you!”

The singer is currently on the North American leg of his Believe Tour.

The trek has been marred by controversy, with Justin reportedly showing up late to some shows, while back at home in Los Angeles he’s believed to be under investigation for reckless driving.

The star has tried to ignore his critics and focus on the positive.

This week he gave a die-hard female fan free concert tickets and rewarded her with goodies after she had waited outside to meet him.

“Because I wanted to see Justin that badly. I waited out all day and I was about ready to go back to my hotel when Justin came outside,” wrote the fan, who was promptly re-tweeted by Justin.

“He talked to us, gave us his food and got us tickets! if you are determined and never give up, anything can happen! (sic),” she gushed.
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Wednesday, 10. July 2013