Amber Heard: Wildness is morally imperative

Amber Heard doesn’t think she’s “wild”, as she is simply “embarking on a journey” for knowledge.

Amber Heard doesn’t take “a Lohan-type approach to life”.

The 27-year-old actress was known as a party girl in the recent past. At a bash in November 2012 the blonde stunner shocked fellow revelers as she impressively sang a Salt-N-Pepa song, performing the tune with amazing accompanying dance moves.

Amber Heard says unlike Lindsay Lohan, who is currently in court-ordered rehab, her love of having fun doesn’t necessarily break any rules.

“‘Wild’ has a negative connotation to me. It recalls a Lohan-type approach to life,” she told Bullett magazine. “My embarking on a journey to question a religious system, to demand or beg for answers, is, in and of itself, wild, but for me, it seems morally and intellectually imperative. I’ve always acted in what I thought was the best way possible.”

Amber is currently dating Johnny Depp, whom she met in 2011 while filming their movie The Rum Diary.

It is rumoured the couple are getting more serious by the minute and may even be engaged.

Amber declined to speak about the inner workings of her relationship with Johnny.

“The island is my private life,” she declared.

Rumours began to circulate they were more than friends after Johnny split from his long-term partner Vanessa Paradis in June 2012. Amber and Johnny reignited romance speculation when they were pictured holding hands at a Rolling Stones concert in Los Angeles in April. It has now been claimed they are so infatuated that they are considering trying for a baby.

“They’ve talked about children – that’s how serious it is,” a source told British magazine Grazia recently. “[Johnny’s like] a teenager in love.”
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Tuesday, 09. July 2013