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On Sundays episode of LA Complex...

After Connor gets Jennifer and Eric back together, she decides to release Connor from his contract, but also tells him that he must move out of her house. Meanwhile, Nick looks for inspiration for his comedy routine in unexpected places. Meanwhile, Beth becomes a nervous wreck as she and Cam search for Simon who has run away. At “Halfway House”, Raquel is overwhelmed by Zack’s turn of events and threatens to walk out despite being under contract.

Meanwhile, Abby is romanced by a handsome stranger, named Gray, she meets on a beach set whom appears wealthy and claims to be a naval officer on shore leave. Elsewhere, Kaldrick meets his match after having a tryst with Darius’ openly gay lawyer, Christopher, who seems to know more about Kal and his inner demons then Kal does about himself. At the end, Connor moves back into the Lux where he faces life-changing news.

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Wednesday, 10. July 2013