Chris Martin brought to tears by fan's story

Chris Martin was moved by 21-year-old Edward Buckley, who has re-learned how to walk, talk and play piano after a horrific car accident last year.

Chris Martin had an emotional meeting with a music fan last week.

The Coldplay frontman met 21-year-old Edward Buckley at the Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef Awards, UK newspaper The Mirror reports.

Edward suffered life-threatening injuries when a speeding taxi hit him while he was crossing a street in Leeds in January 2012.

He was in a coma for several weeks, and had to re-learn how to speak and walk.

A loyal Coldplay fan, he also taught himself how to play the piano all over again.

Chris was so touched by his story he gifted the young man a signed copy of his lyrics.

The rocker then bought the music back for $16,400 at an auction for Nordoff-Robbins.

The charity provides music therapy to thousands of people like Edward every year.

Chris was brought to tears at the auction.

“It was incredible meeting him,” he said.

“He’s just a good guy and it puts things into perspective, hearing what he’s been and is going through.”

Edward was training to be a commercial pilot when the tragic accident occurred.

His mother, Caroline, admitted at the time even doctors had a very grim outlook for the young man’s future although the family remained positive about his recovery.

“We’ve been told three times in the last 12 weeks he was going to die,” she told the Welwyn Hatfield Times in April 2012.

“It’s such a tragedy but we are very hopeful and positive, we have to be.”

Edward gave thanks to Chris and to all of those who believed in him at the event.

“I would like to thank Nordoff-Robbins for everything they have done,” he said.

“Nobody believed that I would ever be able to play piano again.”
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Sunday, 07. July 2013