Paris Jackson 'bottles things up'

Paris Jackson apparently finds it difficult not to let her problems get "on top" of her.

Paris Jackson reportedly “holds” her feelings in.

The troubled daughter of the late singer Michael Jackson has been receiving treatment since she attempted suicide last month.

Paris cut herself with a meat cleaver and took an overdose with painkillers, which allegedly happened because she often bottles things up.

“Paris took her father’s death really badly. She holds her feelings inside and it all gets on top of her,” a source told British magazine Star.

The 15-year-old was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center for treatment and the facility is reportedly keen to keep her under observation as she is still deemed at risk of suicide.

It also emerged that Paris had been using social networking site Tumblr to post self-harm propaganda, including pictures of cut wrists and other disturbing images.

Last week it was reported the teenager and her mother Debbie Rowe are keen to move her to a new clinic, but insiders believe she has made good progress at UCLA.

“She’s doing well at the UCLA Medical Center, the discovery that she has been looking at all these shocking images online has worried her family,” the source revealed.

Paris has also been spotted with what appeared to be cuts on her arms in the past.

A child psychiatrist spoke to the magazine about reasons behind self-harm.

“People self-harm because they struggle to verbalise their feelings of low self-esteem, anger, frustration or anxiety. Sometimes it’s a cry for help,” Dr Lopa Winters said.
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Saturday, 06. July 2013