Ashton Kutcher ‘reeling over fishing trip’

Ashton Kutcher has reportedly irritated his co-stars by practising his fishing technique while on set at Two and a Half Men.

Ashton Kutcher reportedly practised for a fishing trip by attempting to reel in scripts from a table at work.

The Hollywood hunk stars in TV show Two and a Half Men, alongside Jon Cryer. Recently, Ashton arranged to go on a short trip with his girlfriend Mila Kunis which would see them catching their own food for dinner. The actor was apparently worried about his rod technique, so decided to hone it during downtime at work.

According to National Enquirer, the star laid out hats, scarves, scripts and other small items on a table before setting up his pole 40 feet away. He then practised casting off, getting increasingly excited as he reeled in the items.

“Ashton damn near snagged John Cryer, who’d walked over to the table to pick up his own script,” an insider giggled to the publication.

“Jon snapped, ‘You’re really gonna hurt someone one of these days!’”

Ashton thought nothing more of the exchange until the following morning, when he arrived on set and entered his dressing room. He became aware of a distinct smell as he opened the door and then laid eyes on a giant salmon which was suspended inside the room.

“Here’s your big salmon – now put your pole away,” a note on the stinky fish read.

Ashton apparently found the prank hilarious and is certain Jon was behind it, although that hasn’t been confirmed.
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Saturday, 06. July 2013