Alexander Skarsgård: I need to grow up

Alexander Skarsgård bought a house because he was tired of living like a "gypsy" and felt the need to "grow up".

Alexander Skarsgård invested in a property because he felt it was time to “settle down”.

The Swedish actor is best known for his role in vampire series True Blood but has also taken on film projects including The East and What Maisie Knew.

Despite loving his job, the 36-year-old knew he couldn’t travel the world for work forever.

“For the past ten years I’ve constantly been on the move for filming, so I’ve been living like a gypsy out of a suitcase,” he admitted to German magazine Joy.

“Last year I allowed myself the luxury of purchasing my first house in Los Feliz, a nice part of Los Angeles. It was time for me to grow up and settle somewhere.”

Alexander dated actress Kate Bosworth in the past, but is currently thought to be single.

He was briefly linked to his The East co-star Ellen Page, but the star claims he’s very picky when it comes to women.

“I love ladies with a sense of humour. I can’t stand it when people take themselves too seriously. However, it’s not easy to find a woman like that!” he admitted.

The hunky star certainly has no trouble attracting female attention and has frequently appeared topless in his films and True Blood.

When it comes to being naked on screen, Alexander has no issues.

“Many Americans are too uptight. On-screen nudity is censored here, however brutal violence isn’t. I don’t have a problem with showing my body. Maybe it’s because my parents were hippies!” he smiled.
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Friday, 05. July 2013