Sandra Bullock is ‘happiest’ as a mother

Sandra Bullock is happier than ever in her role as mother to two-year-old son Louis, her friends report.

Sandra Bullock is the happiest she’s ever been as a mother to two-year-old Louis.

The Speed star adopted the youngster from New Orleans in January 2010.

And friends of the 48-year-old actress say she has never been more content.

“Sandy is the happiest I’ve ever seen her,” a source close to the star told Us Weekly. “Louis is just the light of her life.”  

Sandra ensured little Louis visited her on set as much a possible while she filmed new comedy The Heat alongside Melissa McCarthy.

One insider reported that Sandra’s son “is stuck to her like glue” when the star has to travel for her work.  

“She’s very hands on,” another source added.

The magazine reports that Sandra has just finished a two-year overhaul of her $23million Beverly Hills mansion in an effort to make it more child friendly.

The home is said to include a sandbox, basketball court, pool and baseball area.

However, since her messy divorce from husband Jesse James in 2010, the star has concentrated on motherhood and spending time with her girlfriends rather than dating.

“It’s not her priority,” the insider revealed. “She has a group of friends she’s been close with for years.”

The Heat sees Sandra and Michelle team up for the first time to play detectives who have to take on a Russian mobster.
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Thursday, 04. July 2013