LeAnn Rimes reveals Cibrian's boyband past

LeAnn Rimes has joked about her husband's brief stint as a member of a '90s boyband.

LeAnn Rimes has revealed Eddie Cibrian’s boyband past.

The singer joked about her actor husband’s stint in the music industry, as part of ’90s soul-pop group 3Deep.

LeAnn spilled about Eddie’s singing past during an interview for Extra, where she was asked by host Mario Lopez if her beau could hit a high note.

“You know Eddie was in a boyband?” she revealed. “It was called 3Deep. You must go google it. He’s gonna kill me…”

“It was in the late ‘90s. I was the dude who didn’t sing. You know the one: I was the dude that was the talker. Like the rapper in Boyz II Men,” Eddie added.

The trio also included Young and the Restless actor Joshua Morrow and Canadian singer CJ Huyer.

The How Do I Live singer then talked about the making of her album Spitfire. In the record she sings openly about the adultery she engaged in with Eddie while he was still married to ex-wife Brandi Glanville.

“It’s very hard to just be; I’m trying to be like anyone else,” she explained. “I’ve never approached music like that before and it’s hard to imagine approaching it from any other place again right now. It’s not like there’s ‘LeAnn the celebrity’ and ‘LeAnn the person’; it’s all melded together on this record and I’m proud of that.”

“This is her best music she’s ever created, ever. She’s come a long way,” Eddie gushed about his wife.

“There are many things I’m proud of LeAnn for. I admire her strength and courage; it’s remarkable to me, everything she’s had to endure, where she’s come from and where she is right now. She’s come a long way, and it’s great to see.”
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Thursday, 04. July 2013