Jessie J: I can’t save everyone

Jessie J is cautious of the "pressure" being a role model puts on her and insists she can't act as everyone's "mom".

Jessie J wants people to realise she can’t be their “therapist”.

The British singer has made waves with her music and gallantly shaved her head in aid of charity earlier this year.

This coupled with her mentoring on the UK edition of The Voice means many fans look up to her, resulting in 25-year-old Jessie feeling the heat to keep up appearances.

“It overwhelms me, because it is a lot of pressure. I can’t be everyone’s saviour,” she candidly told the latest UK edition of Glamour magazine.

“I can live a good life and I’m happy that young people or anyone is looking to me, going, ‘If she can do that, I can do that.’ However, I can’t be everyone’s therapist and I can’t be everyone’s mom, so it’s a fine line.”

Jessie has certainly done a good job of inspiring her fans by leading a healthy and clean life.

The last time she had alcohol was in October last year and she says even one glass of wine would leave her lacking energy and affect her voice.

“How c**p would the rest of your day be if I turned up hungover and miserable and not wanting to talk?” she challenged.

“That’s just not how I am and not how I was brought up. My mom and dad are the most respectful, most incredible people that I’ve ever met and I suppose I’ve just always looked up to them. They’ve always handled themselves in business very charmingly and that’s how I always wanted to be.”

Jessie is known for being outspoken and has no trouble giving her opinion on The Voice.

While it used to be a trait she’s proud of, being confident actually has its downsides in the industry.

“When I wasn’t famous, I was in control of when I wanted to be loud and confident,” she explained.

“It changes when people expect things from you. I remember when I’d go to a club and I’d be the first one on the dancefloor. Everyone would be like, ‘Yeah, she’s dancing, we will too!’ Now if I do that, it’s, ‘Who the f**k does she think she is?’ And that’s the bit I hate. That’s the bit that makes me not confident anymore because I have to think about everything I do.”

Jessie is currently working on her second album, which follows 2011’s Who You Are.

It’s tapped for release in September and she describes the record, which Glamour claims is titled GOLD, as “anthemic”.

“I listen back to it and I feel like my insides are smiling,” she grinned.

“Some of [the songs] are very personal and I’m scared for the world to hear them. However, with the first album I was scared for people to hear – and look at the good it’s done. So I think it’s going to be great.”
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Thursday, 04. July 2013