Emma Watson: Hilton's house is wild

Emma Watson says Paris Hilton has created “an entire universe” around her brand.

Emma Watson says Paris Hilton’s home is like “fashion Disneyland”.

The British actress is currently promoting her new movie The Bling Ring. In the film, she plays one of a real-life group of fame-obsessed teenagers who rob celebrity homes. Paris’ home was targeted several times by the gang and she allowed some scenes for the film to be shot in the property. Emma was totally overwhelmed by Paris’ lavish wardrobe.

“It’s sort of like fashion Disneyland. I have never seen that many shoes in one space,” she joked to UK TV show Lorraine. “She really lives her brand, you know, Paris has really created an entire universe around this idea. It was fascinating.”

Emma went on to admit her closet doesn’t come close to matching up to the hotel heiress’.

“Um, yeah,” she laughed when asked if her ‘universe’ is different to Paris’. “There’s only a certain number of shoes you can fit into a dorm room closet. And for the last two years I was living away at university, so yes!”

In The Bling Ring, Emma’s character Nicki and her friends are obsessed with stars such as Paris and Lindsay Lohan. They want to recreate their lavish lifestyles, and Emma has revealed who she admired when she was growing up.

“Spice Girls! I was so obsessed with the Spice Girls, as a seven or eight year old girl I loved them,” she confessed. “I wanted to be Emma Bunton, I had a friend called Ellie and we would fight because she had blonde hair and she thought she should be Emma, but I said that my name was Emma so I should definitely get to be her. This went on for months.”

Although Emma is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood after finding fame in the Harry Potter movies, she doesn’t crave the limelight. While many people flock to Los Angeles wanting to live a certain lifestyle, the 23-year-old is quite happy to remain in her native UK.

“I’m an English girl at heart and it’s just such a different world, so different to what I am used to. You drive everywhere in a car and I like walking around. It’s really hot all the time and occasionally I like a bit of rain, you know?!” she quipped. “So no, it’s another world.”
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Thursday, 04. July 2013