Idris Elba jokes about film haircut

Idris Elba thinks Kanye West enjoyed Pacific Rim because of his haircut in the movie.

Idris Elba joked that Kanye West likes his “proper bowl haircut” in Pacific Rim.

The actor stars in Guillermo del Toro’s robot movie which is due for release this month.

In the film Idris’ character, Stacker Pentecost, sports an unflattering hairstyle.

Rapper Kanye praised the movie on Twitter today hailing it one of his favourites of all time.

Idris says this is all down to how he looked for the part.

“Kanye who? Only joking. Yeah Kanye likes the film, I’m excited about that. It’s because when Kanye put his album out I tweeted about it and it made worldwide news everywhere,” Idris told BBC Radio 1. “I think Kanye likes my haircut in the film as well. We were shooting for six months and I had to walk around the supermarket with a proper bowl haircut!”

Idris stars in the UK TV drama Luther, which started again on BBC One this week. Idris is pleased with the audience response to the frightening new episode. The action hero confessed in real life he’s terrified by scary films.

“We had Luther on this week it scared the bejeezus out of some people. It is even scarier watching it in the day. The man comes out from under the bed he does look kind of creepy. It’s more like Stephen King. It’s a bit terrifying,” he explained. “My daughter is 11 years old and forced me and my girlfriend to watch all the Paranormal movies from like one until 11. I was like, ‘Why are we doing this again?’ My palms were sweating. I wanted to go to the toilet but I couldn’t even get up!”
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Thursday, 04. July 2013