Vince Vaughn: I don’t do anything for free

Owen Wilson thinks Vince Vaughn has a "great attitude" because he never gives things away for free.

Vince Vaughn says the only thing he’s given away for nothing is his dance moves.

The actor re-teams with Owen Wilson in The Internship, marking the first time they have starred alongside each other since 2005’s Wedding Crashers.

The new release sees Vince and Owen’s characters Billy and Nick lose their jobs as salesmen and apply to intern at Google, despite having no technical know-how. In real life, Vince doesn’t hold with the idea of prolonged work experience.

“I never did anything for free. Other than dancing in clubs. I give that away for nothing,” he laughed to Shortlist magazine.

Owen interjected: “You’ve got a great attitude.”

As The Internship is set at the Google head offices, some have criticised it for seeming like a long advertisement. Vince and Owen have laughed off the comment, insisting it was Wedding Crashers which was the real problem.

“I think The Wedding Crashers was the real commercial,” Vince said.

“My God, we made weddings look cool again. We saved them. All these wedding planners pitched in and we never had to work again.”

Owen added: “Ah, what we got paid from the wedding industry.”

The two stars’ on-screen chemistry has been lauded by critics, which is why their return to the screen together was so highly anticipated.

They have joked this proves they are great actors, as when they aren’t working things are very different.

“Sometimes I would try to break through the security and see Vince. Every time I made it, he had his head buried in a computer,” Owen explained.

“And the computer wouldn’t even be on. Take a hint, man. I can’t hear one more story about how you made everybody laugh,” Vince added.

Vince quickly added he was only joking, although there is an element of competition between him and Owen. On the whole, Vince believes Owen looks up to him and so always tries to help him with big life questions.

“Owen generally thinks I’m right about stuff, so he likes to sit and listen. He’ll ask me a question, maybe about grooming or style, and look at me all bright-eyed as I teach him about things,” Vince joked.

Owen added: “With most people, you ask how they’re doing and it’s just, “Good, you?” With Vince, it’s always got to be a story. There was a beautiful one about a dragonfly and a turtle who seems to be plodding along, but dammit, the turtle beats the dragonfly in the end.”
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Thursday, 04. July 2013