Michael Jackson 'was not abusing paid meds'

Michael Jackson's medical records support the assumption the singer was not abusing pain medication in the years before his death, according to an expert witness.

Michael Jackson was not abusing pain medication in the years before his death, a medical expert has testified.

Addiction expert Dr. Sidney Schnoll took the stand Wednesday in the wrongful death trial stemming from a lawsuit filed by the King of Pop’s mother.

Katherine Jackson claims executives at concert promoting giant AEG Live were negligent in hiring and supervising Michael Jackson’s former physician, Conrad Murray, while the singer was preparing for his comeback concert series.

Murray was convicted of administering the dose of powerful anesthetic propofol that killed Michael Jackson in 2009.

According to Schnoll’s testimony as reported by the New York Daily News, the singer would have built up a strong tolerance to other pain medications had he been abusing the drugs.

“He would have to take a much higher dose of Demerol to get the [necessary] effect for the surgery,” Schnoll told the jury.

The doctor based his analysis on medical records stating Jackson needed 100 milligrams of the drug to undergo a dermatology procedure in 2008.

The Connecticut-based physician is acting as a paid witness for the plaintiffs, according to the News.

AEG executives deny any wrongdoing.

Lawyers for the firm claim Murray was hired at Michael Jackson’s insistence only.

The case continues.
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Thursday, 04. July 2013