Johnny Depp: Richards is a mystery

Johnny Depp has gushed about his 'bromance' with ageing rocker Keith Richards.

Johnny Depp says Keith Richards is “quite a mysterious being”.

The actor is directing a documentary about the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist.

Johnny has shared what he learned about the 69-year-old English musician while making the film.

“I’ve been working on this project for about the last four years or so. We’ve just completed the filming part. We see it as a way for the public to experience Keith because he’s quite a mysterious being," he told Refinery 29. "Essentially, it’s Keith and I sitting around having a conversation. What it boils down to – what the gusto of the project is his wisdom, his philosophy, and his experiences. Obviously that’ll be intercut with scenes from his life.”

Keith was one of the inspirations behind Johnny’s iconic Pirates of The Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow.

In his new movie The Lone Ranger Johnny plays Tonto, a Native American hero who also has a distinct look.

Johnny says his inspiration for Tonto came from placing dead birds on his head, rather than from any particular individual.

“I had seen a painting of a warrior with stripes down his face before filming began. He had stripes painted on his face that were slightly similar to the ones we used for Tonto. The lines are what interested me; it was like seeing four sections of the man, like he was dissected, or something. There was a crow flying behind him in the painting. At first glance, I thought the crow was on his head, but it wasn’t," he continued. "I used that as inspiration, though. I decided that the best thing to do was to take a dead bird and put it on top of my head as a kind of spirit guide. Everyone should try it, by the way. It’s really something else.”

As well as idolising Keith, Johnny recently showed affection for another famous male.

The actor appeared on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week where he smooched the host as a sign of his affection.

“You have this very handsome, let’s just be honest and say beautiful face,” Jimmy told Johnny, which prompted him to stand up and plant a kiss on Jimmy’s face.

Johnny then went back for a second kiss, landing it right on the host’s lips.

“I’ve lost my train of thought,” Jimmy joked.
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Wednesday, 03. July 2013