Paris Jackson ‘denied entry to rehab’

Paris Jackson has reportedly been turned away from a Utah rehab centre because they fear an "onslaught" of paparazzi.

Paris Jackson has apparently been rejected by a rehab facility.

The troubled daughter of the late King of Pop has been receiving treatment at the UCLA Medical Center since she attempted suicide last month.

According to TMZ the 15-year-old made a request to be transferred out of Los Angeles, but this has been rejected by the facility in question.

The Utah clinic, picked out by her mom Debbie Rowe, allegedly fears there would be an “onslaught” of paparazzi if Paris were to attend.

“Our sources say the facility has turned thumbs down on the request, because honchos at the rehab place fear photogs will go crazy and take pictures of not only Paris but other patients at the facility,” the website writes.

Paris attempted to commit suicide last month by cutting her arms with a meat cleaver and taking an overdose of painkillers.

UCLA are said to be keeping the teenager in the centre as there are real fears she could end up killing herself if she goes home.

TMZ reports Debbie isn’t happy with any other clinics she’s seen, so is still searching for the right one, but people connected to Paris are contacting the Utah facility to appeal.

The website writes that Paris is “stuck” in the eating disorders wing of UCLA, despite not suffering from the problem.

“It’s just a tragedy. This girl needs help,” Debbie is apparently telling friends.

Last month it was reported that Paris had been showing signs of self-harm for a while and was using social networking site Tumblr to post disturbing pictures of cut wrists and other dark images.
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Tuesday, 02. July 2013