Jennifer Aniston ‘gets honest with fiancé’

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have reportedly had a "frank conversation" about their wedding plans, with Justin vowing to be "more proactive".

Jennifer Aniston reportedly had a “frank conversation” with her fiancé about their wedding last week.

The Hollywood star has been engaged to Justin Theroux since August last year, and the pair were expected to tie the knot a few months ago. However, speculation is mounting that they have decided to postpone the nuptials after failing to agree on where they should live.

British magazine Grazia reports that Jennifer and Justin have had a “frank conversation” over Skype to affirm their commitment to getting married.

During the discussion, Justin vowed to be more helpful with arranging the ceremony and friends are now convinced the wedding will go ahead later this year.

“Justin has acknowledged that he needs to be more proactive in the wedding planning, and that the ceremony should really have happened by now,” a source told the publication.

Justin recently got the green-light to start work on a two-month project, and last week he was photographed filming scenes for HBO drama The Leftovers in Douglaston, New York.

Jennifer has remained in Los Angeles and it seems they still can’t agree on where to settle down. While Justin is eager to set up home on the East Coast, the 44-year-old beauty feels happiest in Los Angeles. It has been reported that they are putting wedding plans on hold while Justin is busy with The Leftovers.

“Where to live is proving to be a major dilemma. Justin says he feels like a fish out of water in LA, and that New York is the only place he can really be happy. The fact that he’s now filming there for two months has only reinforced this,” an insider explained. "Justin has been working towards this project for months. It’s a big deal for him, as it’s his first major role, so he’s relocated to New York for the next two months to focus solely on that. Jennifer is supportive, but it has meant that they’ve had to postpone the wedding again.

“Jennifer thinks they’d have a really happy life in LA and doesn’t want to live in New York, even part time. Until they can agree, there won’t be a wedding.”

The couple are reportedly planning a romantic trip to Paris to reconnect as soon as Justin gets a break from filming. During their vacation, the 41-year-old actor will do everything possible to assure Jennifer he is committed to her.

“Justin wants to marry Jennifer more than anything, but he’s so busy. The Leftovers is a big deal for him, but once that’s out of the way he hopes they can focus on compromising on the wedding day and where to live,” a source added.
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Tuesday, 02. July 2013