Jason Derülo: Sparks needs confident man

Jason Derülo says "you have to be sure in yourself" to date someone who is a celebrity.

Jason Derülo says only a supremely confident man could date Jordin Sparks.

The two US singers have been dating for several years and Jason is under no illusion about why their romance works. They are both successful and he thinks people who aren’t in the music industry would find it hard to be in a relationship with someone as world famous as Jordin.

“Going out with a woman as successful as Jordin takes a lot of confidence for a guy,” he told the latest edition of British Cosmopolitan magazine. “You have to be sure in yourself to deal with it. I feel I can still be that protective figure without feeling insecure about what she does.”

Jason suffered a neck injury while he was rehearsing for his stage show in 2012. Jordin was the person who put her life on hold to care for him and it made him realise he was ready to change his way of life.

“Before the accident I was more reckless in relationships,” the 23-year-old explained. “I was a guy in my early 20s having fun – I wasn’t really looking for love. But my injury woke me up. Jordin and I had been friends for a long time and I definitely liked her, but the injury made me pay attention l it was like someone was saying, ‘Hey, wake up.’”

Jason’s injury was so bad he couldn’t get dressed or bathe on his own. His family rallied round and he used the time to get to know them better.

Jordin’s dedication also showed him that she is the only woman he wants in his life. The pair have discussed marriage and he is sure it is where their relationship is headed.

“I think she’s The One,” he said. “Marriage will happen at the right time, but the situation helped me find something I feel will be part of the rest of my life.”
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Monday, 01. July 2013