Alice Eve has tarantula memory

Alice Eve has recalled being barefoot and “stamping” on a tarantula when she was three.

Alice Eve’s earliest memory is stamping on a tarantula.

The Star Trek Into Darkness actress had a rather ruthless streak when she was growing up. Alice has no idea why she was so fascinated by crushing creatures as a child.

“I stamped on a tarantula when I was three years old and killed it. I was in Antigua and I was barefoot. I remember saying, ‘Dead, dead, dead.’ I don’t know what was going through my head,” she explained to British magazine Grazia. “It’s funny because now my goddaughter stamps on things so it’s obviously something you like to do at that age.”

Alice now puts all her energy into making movies. The 31-year-old star has enjoyed considerable Hollywood success, appearing in films such as Sex and the City 2 and She’s Out of My League.

Alice is fiercely proud of her career and would only consider dating a man who treated her as an equal.

“A sense of self-respect,” she replied, when asked what she looks for in a guy. “If they have self-respect then they’ll respect you. I think that’s what a partnership is all about. I think if they like themselves, they’re probably going to know how to like you, too. With friends you can be a little less ruthless. You can have friends who are maybe a little more wild because it doesn’t directly affect your life.”

The blonde beauty was also asked to recall the last time she felt truly happy. Alice singled out an event from earlier this year, where she was surrounded by loved ones.

“It was on my birthday [in February],” she smiled. “I had my family and friends around me and there was a moment in the night when everyone was really loud. It was nice that everyone I love was talking to one another and all together in one room.”
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Sunday, 30. June 2013