Lindsay Lohan ‘determined not to relapse’

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly committed to better health and has resolved to stay out of trouble with the law.

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly determined never to return to rehab.

The 26-year-old actress is currently in court-ordered treatment stemming from a reckless driving case in Los Angeles last year.

Lindsay has been in and out of rehab several times in the past.

Apparently she’s finally decided to conquer her demons.

“She’s 100 per cent determined to never go to rehab or get arrested again,” a source told America’s OK! magazine.

Lindsay has reportedly become a model for others at Cliffside Malibu in California.

Her behaviour is said to be speaking volumes about her intent to stay on track.

“She’s serious this time, and she’s finally taking direction. She gets up at 7am, she’s never late to the group meetings and she’s the first one in the van when they go to AA meetings,” the source continued.

The star still has some vices.

She’s been seen smoking on the property and isn’t ready to quit just yet. Counsellors apparently aren’t concerned about her nicotine habit although they’ve told her to remain single when she completes her programme.

“The techs tell patients not to try to quit two addictions at once,” the source continued, adding, “Lindsay has also been told to stay away from dating for a year, and she’s totally up for it.”

The star’s biggest motivator is said to be her career.

Lindsay is still best known for 2004 comedy Mean Girls. Her attempt at a comeback playing Dame Elizabeth Taylor in US TV movie Liz & Dick was a huge flop earlier this year although she did have a cameo in the latest Scary Movie film.

“She wants to rebuild her career; she’s talking about taking improv classes in LA, and maybe writing down some of her stories for a book,” the source said.

Lindsay entered rehab last month after pleading no contest to reckless driving and lying to police investigating her June 2012 car crash in Santa Monica, California.

She is expected to complete her 90-day programme in August after switching facilities earlier this month.
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Sunday, 30. June 2013