Justin Bieber: No Selena Gomez music

Justin Bieber demanded no one talk to him and that songs by his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez didn't play at a recent photoshoot.

Justin Bieber banned Selena Gomez music from playing during a recent photoshoot.

The 19-year-old singer and the former Disney star dated publicly for almost two years before they split late last year and became on-and-off.

Apparently the romance has fizzled for good with Justin going to extreme lengths to ensure he’s not reminded of Selena.

A rider obtained by TMZ from one of Justin’s photoshoots earlier this month includes a long list of restrictions.

“No Selena Music on set,” is among the notes.

Justin’s handlers also demand those receiving the memo "do not speak to talent”.

Autographs and cell phones are strictly banned.

For added security, passes for those with access must be laminated or wristbands must be worn.

The rider also lists food the star likes to have on hand.

In addition to deli and vegetable platters, Justin also asks for a large pack of Swedish Fish, boxes of apple-flavoured Nutrigrain bars, Ritz Bits peanut butter sandwiches, Ritz Bits cheese sandwiches and large packs of Haribo cola gummies.

Herbal teas and throat coat must be on hand.

A boombox with an iPhone 5 connector, several packs of white undershirts, tank tops and socks are asked for as well.

It remains unclear what Justin was shooting when the demands were made.

The star has been tangled in controversy recently.

A paparazzo is suing Justin for assault and he is also being investigated for reckless driving.

Most recently Justin made headlines after he forgot the words to his song, Fall, during a show in San Jose, California Wednesday night. He admitted to the flub on Twitter.
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Friday, 28. June 2013