Kat Von D needs ‘kind and honest people’

Kat Von D tweeted she is no longer willing to “waste energy on bad ones”, seemingly referring to her ex-boyfriend Deadmau5.

Kat Von D declares she won’t “waste energy” on bad relationships any longer.

On Wednesday the 31-year-old celebrity tattoo artist alluded to her split from DJ Deadmau5 via Twitter.

She told her 1.5 million followers that “cheating on your loved one is the most hurtful thing one could do” afterward declaring “this relationship is indeed over”.

Deadmau5 issued a Facebook response on Thursday morning denying cheating allegations and he confirmed the pair broke off their engagement in June. He does acknowledge “being intimate with another person” while they were temporarily broken up last November.

Kat shared her perspective on her ex’s statement a few hours after he published his post.

“There are far too many good examples of kind and honest people in life to waste energy on bad ones,” she tweeted. “My apologies for losing sight of that.”

Apparently Kat’s musings are falling on deaf ears with her ex, as Deadmau5’s focus is on other areas of life.

The electronic musician is occupying himself with making new tunes and being charitable to his fans.

“now back to music. ok? (sic)” he tweeted, adding hours later with a SoundCloud link, “in the spirit of not giving a f**k for being human, have a new track! :D… game on.

“here’s even LESS of a f**k given! a 20% in savings!”

The relationship was Kat’s first since parting ways with Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband Jesse James. Following two break-ups with Jesse in 2011 and rumours that he had cheated on her, Kat became celibate before dating the DJ.
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Thursday, 27. June 2013