Mumford & Sons back on stage

Mumford & Sons confirm they will play at Glastonbury on Sunday, despite bassist Ted Dwane’s recent brain surgery.

Mumford & Sons have confirmed they will perform at Glastonbury this week.

The British folk band were forced to postpone some US dates earlier this month after bassist Ted Dwane underwent emergency brain surgery. However, keyboard player Ben Lovett has now revealed Ted is recovering well and they will be appearing at the world famous UK music festival.

“To be honest, Ted dealt with the whole thing better than any of us could have imagined and I don’t think there is any need to dramatise what was obviously a very dramatic situation,” Ben told the Radio Times. “All we feel is incredibly grateful and happy that he’s going to be OK, and that we’re going to get back out on that stage at Glastonbury as four brothers and do what we do.”

Last week, 28-year-old Ted admitted last week he has been feeling like a “bear with a sore head” as he posted a photo online of his surgery scars.

The group are closing the festival’s main Pyramid Stage on Sunday and can’t wait to entertain their fans.

“This will be our fifth Glastonbury – we’ve played it every year we’ve been a band,” he added.

Mumford & Sons first performed at the event in Somerset just a few months after they formed.

They will never forget the feeling of taking to the stage in front of so many music fans.

“To have 1,000 people turn up and sit in a field and watch us play some songs… that completely blew my mind. Each time we play we’re slightly out of our comfort zone,” Ben recalled.

“But that’s an inspiration – every time it’s just a bit madder than we were expecting. But whenever we tour elsewhere then come back to Glastonbury, it always reminds us how brilliant it is to be British, and what a great British institution it is.”

Mumford & Sons have now rescheduled dates for those they postponed on their US tour. Ted underwent emergency surgery to remove a blood clot while he was in America.

The Rolling Stones will headline the Pyramid Stage on Saturday.
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Tuesday, 25. June 2013