The Wanted: Los Angeles women were a challenge

The Wanted say women in Los Angeles were “a challenge” and describe one particularly wild altercation that occurred with a mature woman in the city.

The Wanted felt challenged by the Los Angeles dating scene.

The British boy band lived in a Hollywood Hills mansion for seven months while filming their E! network reality show The Wanted Life.

Max George, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuinness and Siva Kaneswaran have spoken before about the high number of beautiful women they hosted in the estate.

Ladies’ man Max admits it wasn’t always easy dealing with their gorgeous dates.

“The women. They were a challenge,” he laughed to Britain’s new! magazine.

Apparently women of all ages were invited back to their temporary home.

The boys reveal one incident with a “cougar” was particularly bizarre.

“We went on a night out and this 42-year-old, who was from Wigan, came back [to our house],” Tom recalled. “And in the morning, we were all leaving for work and she left, but she said she’d left her car keys inside, even though she hadn’t driven up. Our security guard Kev ended up having a tussle with her outside the gate, which was a strange thing to watch at 9 o’clock in the morning.”

“He got absolutely battered by her,” Nathan added, with Max noting the woman was “hard”.

The cougar refused to leave the property without her keys.

“As we were driving out she was screaming, ‘Give me my f**king keys back,’ and smacking the car,” Jay said.

“And she had mascara down her face.”

The group previously told British newspaper The Mirror they were fined over $15,000 for the condition in which they left the mansion.

They claimed the house became a “petri dish for bacteria” by the third month.
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Tuesday, 25. June 2013