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Can the gang make Vicky stay in the house while Ricci is gone?

With Ricci gone from the Geordie Shore house, the rest of the gang are determined to keep Vicky’s spirits up and the boys decide that what better way than a walk on the wildside and camping, but while the boys mock the girls in their far from natural habitat, they aren’t laughing for long as on their return to civilisation, they find themselves at the mercy of a wild pack of women.

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Thursday, 27. June 2013

  • This birds looks well happy

  • I’m used to it rough but this lass is taking the piss man

  • Can I show you me sack as well Gaz?

  • I feel so guilty, I’ve not thought about Jay once since Scott showed up.

  • The best form of attack when you’re hungry for parsnip is surprise.

  • If a girl opens her mouth for you…

  • What’s a man supposed to do other than…

  • I’m free to have as much fun as I like without little Ricci around

  • This is what a real worldie smells like Holly

  • Wait till I get this MILF home – It’ll be one up to the lone boner!

  • Should I spit or swallow?

  • Does sucking someone off always make you smile this much?

  • Geordie lasses don’t go camping without a few creature comforts

  • That’s the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in me life – Charlotte in the bushes

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